Documented family history

The Henry Edmondstone Medlicott account provides an  in depth detail of past Medlicott family history, starting with Llewellyn de Modlicott, who lived in the hamlet of Medlicott at around 1180 AD on the English-Welsh border.

The Helen Mackenzie Medlicott account was recorded by Helen Mackenzie Medlicott in 1939 and is specific just to the Irish Dunmurry branch of the family tree.

Hamlet of Medlicott

A brief description and photographs of the hamlet of Medlicott can be found here.

Medlicott Crests

Examples of Medlicott coat of arms

Other sources of information

Jim Wood has made extensive research into archival census and births, deaths and marriage records, etc. His own family tree via his maternal grandmother Elsie May Medlicott, takes him back to a William Medlicott b1780, who lived and farmed at Medlicott until sometime in the 1830/40's when the family moved to Caynham (Cainham).  Before that his ancestors lived in the Shropshire area and the family tree can be traced back to John Medlicott who was born at Medlicott in 1530.

Another useful source of family tree information can be found at the following website

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